Au Pair Training

First Aid and Au Pair training
At House-o-Orange Au pairs we offer an amazing pre-departure training course to our future Au pair candidates prior to departing.
what is an au pairHere you will learn more about the Dutch/Belgian culture, make new friends and become as prepared as possible.
The training course will take place over 2 days; First Aid training on the Friday and a full day of Au Pair training on the Saturday. Training courses in Cape Town are held at least once a month whereas training courses in Johannesburg are held based on demand.

Kindly note that we currently offer two location choices for training attendance:

  • Melkbosstrand, Cape Town
  • OR Premier Hotel, Johannesburg

Please feel free to contact us should you need any assistance with accommodation recommendations or transport.

Schedule for day 1:

Edu Care training
from 10:00am – 12:30pm
Welcome, introduction and awareness of the importance of completing this course for your Au Pair journey with House-o-Orange Au pairs.

Topics that will be discussed include:

The importance of the “Chain of Survival & Bystander” CPR/First Aid.
Differentiation between the Ages of Infants, Children and Adults in CPR Terms.
Safety in and around the home.
Head, Neck and Spine discussion & creating awareness of ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’.
Routine 1 of CPR – The 3H’s, ensuring scene safety, checking for signs of life and determining who and when to call for help.
Routine 2 of CPR – The CAB. CPR routine and discussing the age-appropriate differences.
New updates on the COVID-19 CPR algorithm and how it affects the CPR routine in COVID times.
CPR & Choking LIVE DEMO for Infants, Children and Adults (during COVID period.)
Management of basic First Aid emergencies
3 types of bandaging that are most important and commonly used for operations, burns, sprains, bleeding and snakebites.
Splints in and around the home and transportation of victims with broken bones and fractures.
Covid Toolbox manual discussing the PPE and protocols to be followed personally as well as around the home or when traveling.

Schedule for day 2:

08:00am – 12:00pm: Morning program
12:00pm – 13:00pm: Lunch
13:00pm – 17:00pm: Afternoon program

Topics that will be discussed include:

Goals & Expectations
Admin; Visa, insurance, medical tests & flights
Netherlands; Geography & culture
Belgium; Geography & culture
Being an Au pair
Guidelines for a successful Au pair year
Preparing for a match/interview
Other programs
Final words

USA and China
For the USA and China program, training will be provided by our partners upon arrival (your receiving agency). We do not offer a training program for candidates for Germany, France or the UK at the moment but this may change in the near future. Please enquire should you be interested in training for these au pair countries.

Due to Covid-19, we follow strict protocols to ensure the safety of all our candidates. Masks are to be worn at all times.


We can’t wait to have you
on our next pre-departure training course!


 “Keep an eye out on your school’s career day exhibition date and come say hey!”

All about Edu-Care
EduCare was established around 2004 when the Franchisor had a near death experience with her young child taking adult medication, whilst in the care of a nanny/au pair. She then realized the importance and necessity of training all individuals working with children.
Educare has a few branches’ country-wide and have been training and empowering many Au pairs with our EduCare Save-a-Child First Aid, CPR and choking course. We have been working with House-o-Orange Au pairs for many years. We are looking forward to best prepare you for any emergency situation that might occur during your Au pair journey.

} Our office hours are:
Mon - Thu  : 08.30-17.00
Friday only : 08.30-16.00

Elandi Lochner – Senior Manager
021 553 3638

Stephanie Oosthuizen – Program Manager
021 553 3638